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[thegamercat] (featuring Pusheen)

So cute!

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Pallas Cat Kittens - 5 months old

Koala cats.

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Thought it would be fun to draw the hands of my OCs! It was fun to try and show a bit of their personality/ backstory through their hands HEH

Ooh! Not only is Kelpls’s art gorgeous, but this would be a good exercise in showing character in a minimal body part!

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Throwback Thursday on Tuesday Tips 

Drawing with PEN, from Dynamic Sketching week 1

Dynamic Sketching is definitely a very popular Art Center class.  It was first introduced by Norm Schureman and now Peter Han is the man who continues Norm’s awesome legacy.  This is the one class that taught me to be a designer and a thinker.  Having a good drawing skill is a must, but you must also be a problem solver, smart and have good ideas.  One way to convey your idea effectively is through sketches.  And you can do this quickly if you train yourself to sketch with pen.  

Pros of using pen:
1.  faster (no noodling or erasing)
2.  more confident sketches
3.  it looks cool  

1.  can’t erase!  (which force you to learn to be more confident)
*yep, only one con!!!

This is the first week exercise from Dynamic Sketching — learning how to create texture.  The idea is to create value from 100 to 0 (black to white). Do as many different texture as you like.  It does take a lot time at first.  And like all basic things, it can be tideous but very important to learn.
Try it out and have fun.  

ps. I use Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marker.  I like how the ink flow.  It’s also very cheap.  Double win!
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RP/Writer's Guide to SHARP CHEST TRAUMA.


Sharp/Penetrating Chest Trauma.

In the previous article, I covered the effects and dangers of blunt chest trauma. In many ways, it can actually often be more dangerous than sharp chest trauma. However, if the chest cavity is penetrated in just the right way or right place, the results can be…

For reference. (I am a writer not a murderer.)

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Roberto Ferri

Good not only for anatomy reference but also for skin tones. 

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please be aware that these can be means of killing or permanently disabling a person. (I.e. A successful hit to the temple is likely to
Cause brain haemorrhage).
Great for writing! not great for real life.
Even in event if self defence DO NOT go for fatal blows. When the police come, if you have permanently wounded your opponent you can and likely will be charged for assault, and for that your opponent can sue.

There are safer ways of defending yourself. I.E. The pinky fingers are unnecessarily sensitive to pain. If you pull and twist them hard enough you can bend your attacker to your will, and only risk breaking a finger.
NEVER kick the nose from a low angle up, you can kill someone this way.
Kicking the knee from behind (the way it bends) is a good way of knocking your opponent down, and from this point you can either run, or preform a better move (like a solid heel-kick to the thigh which will stop them getting up for a while). Kicking from in front (the way if doesn’t bend) can break a knee backwards if you do it too hard. They will never walk again, and this will get you sued for a hospital bill you can’t imagine. So kick from behind, please, you’re not a gangster.
Not knowing these things is how someone can accidentally beat a man to death.

For reference!

(Source: how-to-be-a-psychopath)

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Phil McAndrew Illustrations & Comics



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Op-op-op-oppa Gangnam style

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